Proceedings Journal Article — The Sociology of Why I Smoke: Theoretical Reflections on a Deadly Habit — by Emily Margulies


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Exercising my sociological imagination and reflecting on various sociological theories, In this paper I explore how society has played a huge role inmy decision to smoke and coupled with my subconscious mind it has also fostered the habit throughout my life. It bothers me that I have acquired apastime that inflicts such harm onto my person. It bothers me that the habit is so strongly internalized that even after analyzing smoking and cigarettesusing every theory of sociology and some other helpful references I am unable to throw my pack in the garbage. This paper has opened my eyes to the social forces that are at work in our lives everyday and has made me more aware of the role society plays in my life. I also hope that others will begin to acknowledge the way their smoking is fostered and reinforced through society. The key to gaining control of this deadly habit is to see andtreat it in its multidimensional form.

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Margulies, Emily. 2004. “The Sociology of Why I Smoke: Theoretical Reflections on a Deadly Habit.” Pp. 115-126 in Liberating Social Theory: Inspirations from Paulo Freire for Learning, Teaching, and Advancing Social Theory in Applied Settings: Proceedings of the First Annual Social Theory Forum, April 7, 2004, UMass Boston (Discourse of Sociological Practice, Vol. 6, Issues 2, Fall 2004). Issue Guest Editor: Mohammad H. Tamdgidi. Sociology Department, UMass Boston.

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