About Okcir’s Library

OKCIR promotes creative exercises in liberating applied sociology and alternative pluriversities of knowledge production and dissemination in the global cyberspace.

As a virtual research center, its publications are primarily digital, some freely accessible online in its open-stacks digital library, some via subscription to its member-stacks, and others available for purchase online via the Okcir Store or other online booksellers. Selected publications are also available in print for online purchase by libraries, institutions, and interested print readers.

The Okcir Library is digital in nature. None of its publication is available for borrowing in hard copy. Individual article or editorial notes of the Edited Collection Series of the journal are also available via borrowing (for subscribing university or educational institutions) or purchase from major academic databases. Human Architecture is indexed and compiled in EBSCO’s SocINDEX with Full-Text®, ProQuest’s Sociological Abstracts and Social Science Journals, Gale’s Academic OneFile®, Expanded Academic ASAP®, and Questia databases.


All the individual articles published in the Edited Collection Series of Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge are freely accessible online through the Okcir Library’s open stacks. To access them, visit the homepage of the center and simply click on the cover image of the issue you are interested in, and then click on the title of any of the articles or editorial notes in the table of contents of the issue.

The individual articles are in pdf format, so you need to have downloaded preferably the latest version of Adobe’s Acrobat Reader® software that is compatible with your computer.

The contents of each of the Edited Collection Series and Monograph Series issues are also available in a full e-book pdf format for purchase via the Okcir Store or participating online bookstores. Please visit the store to seek information regarding latest availability and pricing.


Okcir Library also includes member-stacks for publications that are accessible via subscription. Okcir’s publications in its Manuscript and Translation Series may be made available via the Okcir Library’s open-stacks or member-stacks access links. Each publication’s webpage will provide the necessary access to the relevant links, when available.

The Okcir Library also provides helpful links below to External Resources on the world wide web, ones which are relevant to the center’s interests.

External Resources

Worldcat search engine for libraries holding digital collections of the contents of the edited collection series of Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge can be accessed here. 


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