Lifetime Individual Online Okcir Library Membership


This offers a Lifetime Individual Online Okcir Library Membership for site-wide online reading of OKCIR publications. If you wish to purchase another option instead, please read further below in the description where other option boxes are provided.

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About the OKCIR Library Membership:

In addition to offering its publications for purchase in print or ebook format, OKCIR offers access to its publications site-wide by way of online pdf reading. For twenty years (2002-2022) OKCIR did its part to offer free access to its publications online site-wide. Due to increasing operating costs, OKCIR must now rely on a fee-based solution to continue its work. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

If you wish to do so, you can support OKCIR by becoming its library member, or by ordering its print or downloadable publications. You can also ask your university or public library acquisitions to order OKCIR’s publications to add to their collections. As a university member, you can request to be reimbursed for the cost of the membership or publication purchase as parts of your annual research fund allowance.

For special arrangements for group or classroom use of the online OKCIR Library, or for institutional offering of its contents, please contact [email protected].

How to Obtain and Use the OKCIR Library Membership Access:

To access OKCIR’s publications site-wide online, you can purchase a membership access option of your choice, offered below in the nine option list/boxes. Just hover over the option box and add it to the cart and proceed to check-out payment via PayPal. You must be logged in as a customer to make the purchase.

Following payment and its confirmation, you will be able to read any of OKCIR’s publications online during your purchased membership period while being logged in your library membership account. The membership login link “My Library” is provided in the site menu strip on any page of the site below the site header. An access link to member login is also provided in sidebars of the site, or elsewhere as needed. Note that the OKCIR Library membership account login is separate from user/customer account login you use to purchase the membership or any other publication from the Okcir Store. You may be logged in one without being logged in another, even if username/password is the same; but you can use same username and password for both logins.

While logged in as a member, for each publication (whether a chapter, book section, or journal issue article), by clicking on the large PDF icon image (in red) at that bottom of its page you can access the pdf for that publication. A sample embedded pdf of Okcir’s latest publication preview is also placed at the bottom of each publication page to serve also as a sample of pdf format for new visitors to the site.

Scope of the PDFs for Online Reading:

Please note that the pdfs readable online through the library membership are print and copy restricted pdfs of all sections (articles or chapters) in each publication, and not the single pdf of each publication as a whole. If you wish to use those features, or to obtain the single pdf of each publication as a whole, you can order it as a downloadable pdf ebook edition of any publication of your choice, or purchase its print edition.

By paying a membership fee, you gain access to browse through and read not just one or a few, but all of OKCIR’s publications online site-wide.

Membership Access Options for Site-Wide Online Reading of OKCIR Publications:

  • 1-Day Individual Online Okcir Library Membership: $10
  • 1-Week Individual Online Okcir Library Membership: $20
  • 1-Month Individual Online Okcir Library Membership: $30
  • 3-Month Individual Online Okcir Library Membership: $40
  • 6-Month Individual Online Okcir Library Membership:$50
  • 1-Year Individual Online Okcir Library Membership: $95
  • Lifetime Individual Online Okcir Library Membership:$395
  • Annual Individual Subscription for Online Okcir Library Membership: $90
  • Annual Institutional Subscription for Online Okcir Library Membership: $995