Journal Article — Why is P Afraid to Love a Woman? — by Peter Dai




Many individuals suffer from social anxiety of one type or another. The dictionary defines anxiety as “a state of being uneasy, apprehensive, or worried about what may happen; concern about a possible future event”. There are indefinite types of anxiety. The type of anxiety that will be discussed presently will be a sort of dating anxiety. The subject of the discussion is a young man who suffers the aforementioned affliction. He will provide us with a case study, and hopefully, as we learn about his disorder, we will help him to overcome his difficulty. He is not alone in the uneasiness he feels when a beautiful woman smiles in his direction, or when he feels someone who he cares for getting too close to him. That uneasiness is a “Generalized Social Phobia”.

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Dai, Peter. 2002. “Why is P Afraid to Love a Woman? .” Pp. 18-25 in Student Life Courses & Social Policies (Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge: Volume I, Issue 1, 2002.) Belmont, MA: Okcir Press (an imprint of Ahead Publishing House).

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