Journal Article — Making a Home, Building a Family: Traditions, Boundaries, and Virtues — by Verena-Cathérine Niederhöfer




The most valuable and useful things I have already received from my parents are the beliefs, virtues and skills they passed on to me. Thanks to them I know how to make a home, what is truly important in family life and “that commodities are [NOT] sufficient markers of love” (Salazar 413). I do not believe that toys and clothing for example can make up for a mother’s loving embrace and advice. Material things can not replace having an actual relationship with a parent. Majaj explores how as an Arab-American her constant struggle in life was to find a place “where [she] would become [her] true self […]” and where she could become “whole” (87). I have discovered that this place to me could be anywhere in the world. My parents’ pride and belief in me and my skills, their trust, their support and their love have taught me that I have to find the place of true peace and completeness within me and in the relationships that I invest in. By teaching me the importance of responsibility, discipline, education, loyalty, dignity, honesty, fairness, loving care, respect for things and people and gratitude they have offered me the tools to find that place.

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Niederhöfer, Verena-Cathérine. 2005/2006. “Making a Home, Building a Family: Traditions, Boundaries, and Virtues.” Pp. 139-146 in Student Scholarships of Learning (Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge: Volume IV, Issues 1&2, 2005/2006). Belmont, MA: Okcir Press (an imprint of Ahead Publishing House).

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