Journal Article — Lifting the Fog: Finding Freedom in Light of the Sociological Imagination — by Keyon Smith




I have noticed that as time goes by, my inner urge to go against what society deems correct grows. It is almost as if I sense that there is something wrong with the way things are. How did I come to this conclusion of things not being quite right? I was not always like this; nor did I wake up one morning a changed person. This change occurred over a period of time and I do not believe that it is yet complete. The most dramatic of that change occurred after I achieved a degree of clarity. Prior to that, other issues in my life served as a fog clouding my perceptions. Though I could not clearly “see” it, I knew there was something not right. I could hear it, taste it, and feel it. Drawing on various readings selected from the anthology by Spencer E. Cahill (2004) as well as the ideas of the late sociologist Morrie Schwartz, among others, this essay explores the causes of the blinding fog and how I came to lift it. It also explores how I was able to better understand what I find wrong with our society as a result of achieving this clarity.

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Smith, Keyon. 2007. “Lifting the Fog: Finding Freedom in Light of the Sociological Imagination.” Pp. 73-82 in Insiders/Outsiders: Voices from the Classroom (Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge: Volume V, Issue 2, 2007.) Belmont, MA: Okcir Press (an imprint of Ahead Publishing House).

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