Journal Article — Check One: Tutor Hat, Teacher Hat, Facilitator Hat, Some/All/None of the Above — by Meesh McCarthy and Erin O’Brien




This autoethnographic essay uses a recent conference experience to delve into questions of process-oriented center-tutor identity. Through multiple lenses and descriptors, we attempt to reveal some of the intricate negotiations that characterize our multi-hatted educative work as tutors, teachers, and workshop facilitators within the UMass Boston community. We argue that the current context of increasing acceptance and recognition of writing center tutor authority and expertise necessitates a reexamination of tutor integrity, tutor/informant roles, and the tutor as a complex self. Anecdotal evidence from the conference presentation, workshop negotiations, and actual tutorials flesh out these autoethnographic snapshots. We forego closure by posing a fresh set of problematic questions, stemming from our new insights.

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McCarthy, Meesh, and Erin O’Brien. 2008. “Check One: Tutor Hat, Teacher Hat, Facilitator Hat, Some/All/None of the Above.” Pp. 27-44 in Teaching Transformations 2008 (Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge: Volume VI, Issue 1, 2008.) Belmont, MA: Okcir Press (an imprint of Ahead Publishing House).

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