Journal Article — An Unusual Immigration Tale: Why I Am Miserable in the Land of Opportunity — by T. Portal




My general outlook on matters since emigrating from Peru has not changed since my arrival at the U.S. My discontent of being here imaginatively “against my will” has not worked in favor of pursuing a social identity I will be content with. I refuse to let the past eight years go being unaccounted for. I was deprived of so many things during that time, friends weddings, graduations, childbirths, precious moments with my family, etc., that turning around would seem now like a waste of my life. So I stay, hoping to find compensation for this journey. I realize that my animosity originates in my discontent for my life here. I am very conscious that I let my emotions control my opinions, but I really needed to take time to think and write about accepting that this is why I behave like I do. This self-realization is impossible without the appropriate analytical approach that the major sociological perspectives offered when writing this essay. By stepping out of the conventional way in which I interpret my actions, emotions and ideas, I was able to objectively identify the factors that contributed to my hostility. In this paper, using what C. Wright Mills termed the sociological imagination, I try to identify the factors that contributed to my discontent in spite of my compliance.

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Portal, T. 2005/2006. “An Unusual Immigration Tale: Why I Am Miserable in the Land of Opportunity.” Pp. 45-52 in Student Scholarships of Learning (Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge: Volume IV, Issues 1&2, 2005/2006). Belmont, MA: Okcir Press (an imprint of Ahead Publishing House).

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