Journal Article — A Precarious Balance: Views of A Working Mother Walking the Tightrope — by Jennifer S. Dutcher




A paramount issue that has recently emerged in my life is the balance between family and career. I refer to career instead of the more common label for work outside the home, as anyone who is a wife and mother knows parenting and marriage are also work. Also, a career implies some sort of significant investment on the employee’s part beyond work at home. The issue of a mother working outside the home is not new to me, as I was the child of an employed mother; however, as I have become a mother myself the challenges of career pursuits while maintaining focus on family have taken on new meaning. Often throughout my college career I have had occasion to address this and related topics in research papers. I see this particular paper as the culmination of my past work combined with the exciting opportunity to reflect upon my own life in a very personal way.

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Dutcher, Jennifer S. 2003. “A Precarious Balance: Views of A Working Mother Walking the Tightrope.” Pp. 81-89 in Social Theories, Student Realities (Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge: Volume II, Issue 1,  2003). Belmont, MA: Okcir Press (an imprint of Ahead Publishing House).

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