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This is a closing essay authored by Melanie E. L. Bush for the anthology Rod Bush: Lessons from a Radical Black Scholar on Liberation, Love, and Justice, edited by Melanie E. L. Bush, and co-edited by Rose M. Brewer, Daniel Douglas, Loretta Chin, and Robert Newby (2019). She states, “This entire volume is predicated on a belief that Rod Bush was an extraordinary human being. If you are convinced of this, too, then remember that he believed that you, too, are also extraordinary. His soul resided in a profound belief in the power of the people—individually and collectively—and that we must never surrender to anything less than victory. … Rod Bush truly did believe that love and justice will triumph, as a logical and imperative outcome of the power of the people.” Melanie Bush lists the following as key final lessons from Rod Bush for the pursuit of liberation, love and justice: “(1) Really try to do our very best whether it is or isn’t “enough”; … (2) Be good listeners and situated in humility, in dialogue; … (3) Be present and enjoy laughter.”

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Bush, Melanie E. L. 2019. “Closing.” Pp. 385-389 in Rod Bush: Lessons from a Radical Black Scholar on Liberation, Love, and Justice. (Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge: Vol. XII, Issue 1, 2019.) Belmont, MA: Ahead Publishing House (imprint: Okcir Press).

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