Okcir’s Home Relaunched as Okcir Blog

Northern Dome (Taj al-Mulk or "Dust Dome" "گنبد خاكى") of the Jameh Mosque of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

OKCIR: Omar Khayyam Center for Integrative Research in Utopia, Mysticism, and Science (Utopystics) is pleased to announce the relaunching of its online home as the Okcir Blog.

Okcir’s online home was established in 2002. The new blog format which is now device responsive and more flexibly structured will continue to be a conduit for timely news, announcements, and commentaries on OKCIR’s ongoing research, publications, and projects. It will also be the primary vehicle for reflecting on online conversations and reviews generated by OKCIR’s publications. Inspiring and interesting textual and audiovisual information and events in the global cyberspace that are relevant to the substantive foci of OKCIR will also be shared through the OKCIR Blog. To learn more about OKCIR please visit here.

OKCIR has since its inception in 2002 made the contents of the edited collection series of Human Architecture freely accessible online. These can be accessed via the Okcir Library links for each of the issues published to date. The hard copies as well as the complete Pdf and/or ePub ebook editions of all the previous issues of the journal can now be ordered via the Okcir Store and/or via major online bookstores worldwide.

The adoption of Omar Khayyam’s life and works as a motif for OKCIR is inspired by the persistently independent and (self-) critical nature of his scholarship apart from all institutionalized philosophical, religious, and scientific dogma and in favor of a creative spirit that is simultaneously open to all spiritual, scientific, and philosophical traditions without being subjected to their intellectual, institutional, and operative hypnosis and habiti.

While the celebration of Khayyam in Okcir may be seen itself as an identification with a particular figure in the history of thought, it is important to note that the symbolic significance of Khayyam as a motif for OKCIR as a research center remains the spirit of an intellect that remains thoroughly skeptical, yet creatively constructive, of all human knowledge, including that held by the scholar himself.

For the purpose of OKCIR, Omar Khayyam represents a type of scholar whose work is characterized by a simultaneity of self- and world-historical reflection and free of all forms of faith and unfaith in philosophy, religion, and science, though with deep hope in the critical sublimation of the best of their achievements as parts of human creative powers to envision and build a just global society through liberating art.

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