Thanks for shopping at ​the Okcir Store!

Please read the following store policies before placing orders.

  1. REFUNDS: Print (hardcover and softcover) or digital book (ebook) sales at the Okcir Store are final and non-refundable following fulfillment, which usually takes place soon after receiving the online order.
  2. CORRECTIONS OR CANCELLATIONS: If you make an error in your online ordering process, please immediately (within three hours) inform the Okcir Store at orders[at]okcir.com so that the order may be corrected, or cancelled with any refunds due.
  3. RE-FULFILLMENT: Orders will be re-fulfilled free of any additional cost or reshipping charges for only those items that are reported and verified by the store to have been defective, or damaged in shipping.
  4. REPORTING PROBLEMS: You have ​3 calendar days following receipt of items purchased to report any defects or damages for the items received.
  5. HOW TO REPORT: To report defects or damages and request re-fulfillment of only those parts of the items purchased, please contact the Okcir Store via email at orders[at]okcir.com promptly within 3 calendar days and explain the defects or damages and attach one or more digital images for the defects or damages being reported. If there are multiple copy defects, it will be necessary to have at least one additional photo showing all defective ones in one image, if possible. In addition, on the last inside page of any copy of the book, there are two sets of batch numbers that can help us trace them to the plant they were printed in. It will be necessary to report those numbers for each defective copy; to make it easier, photocopy the numbers for each copy that defect is being associated/reported/photographed. Upon verification and acceptance, the Okcir Store will re-fulfill only the defective or damaged items in the order, free of any additional cost or reshipping charges.
  6. RETURNS: It will not be necessary to return defective or damaged items following verification so long as their images have been shared with the Okcir Store as explained above. The Okcir Store will not cover the costs of returns, since it does not require them.
  7. SHIPPING: The Okcir Store offers free shipping in the contiguous United States, and this covers re-fulfillment of defective or damaged orders. For international orders, re-fulfillment of only the verifiably defective or damaged items will be free of any additional cost or reshipping charges.

How to Contact the Okcir Store

  1. If you have any questions about your order or the refund and returns, contact the Okcir Store at orders[at]okcir.com.
  2. In preference for written communication, the Okcir Store can best be reached via email correspondence at the following addresses:
  • orders[at]okcir.com
  • contact[at]okcir.com
  • info[at]okcir.com