Albert Einstein

The Quantum Enigma, a Decades-Old Cat Gone Elephant in a Room of Science, to Be Reported Unriddled In 2020

In a major new study in the sociology of scientific knowledge to be published on January 20, 2020, the first volume in a series to advance sociology from Newtonian toward quantum imaginations in favor of liberating self and global outcomes, social theorist Mohammad H. Tamdgidi will report having unriddled a decades-old elephant in the room, the ‘quantum enigma.’ [read more … ]


“Je suis Henri”: Charlie Hebdo’s Tragic Caricature of the Principle of Human Liberty

Empires and Al-Qaedas (or ISILs) are two faces of the same imperial coin. The West regards itself as a beauty, desperately seeking to cleanse the images of the beast on the wall of Islam, not realizing that the wall is a mirror and the reflected images of the beast on the wall ever cross-morphing by-products of its own orientalist imperial adventures across modern world-history. So, if one really wishes to do something serious about it, one has to be aware also of causes of monstrosities in oneself that are reflected as such in the mirror. This calls for a different kind of enlightenment. [read more … ]