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Discourse of Sociological Practice
(Department of Sociology, UMass Boston)

Volume 6 • Issue 2 • Fall 2004


Conference Theme: "Liberating Social Theory: Inspirations from Paulo Freire for Learning, Teaching, and Advancing Social Theory in Applied Settings"

Proceedings of the First Annual Social Theory Forum
April 7, 2004, UMass Boston

(CFP, Program)

Proceedings and Guest Editor of this Issue:
Mohammad H. Tamdgidi, UMass Boston


The first annual Social Theory Forum conference at UMass Boston focused on the exploration of applied strategies for learning, teaching, and research in a liberating framework—i.e., strategies that adopt practical and critical transformative attitudes towards taken-for-granted and habituated social structures. In this pursuit, it sought to draw inspirations from Paulo Freire’s critical pedagogy and philosophy for the promotion of liberating theoretical literacy.

Number of Pages: 280
Publisher: Department of Sociology, UMass Boston
(Fall 2004 pb)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 7x10 inches


Proceedings and Guest Editor of this Issue:
Mohammad H. Tamdgidi, UMass Boston

Siamak Movahedi –– From the Editor: Can Social Theory Be Liberating?

Samuel Zalanga –– Teaching and Learning Social Theory to Advance Social Transformation: Some Insights, Implications, and Practical Suggestions from Paulo Freire

Jonathan Martin –– Freire vs. Marx: The Tension Between Liberating Pedagogy and Student Alienation

Esther Kingston-Mann –– Teaching, Learning, Diversity: Just Don’t Call It Epistemology

Bart Bonikowski –– Questioning Pedagogy: Reflections on the Critical Theory of Curriculum

Estelle Disch –– Helping Students Make Sense of Mills’ Sociological Imagination

Tim Sieber –– Commentary: Staying True to Freirean Praxis as well as Theory

Rika Yonemura –– Critical Pedagogy of Writing: Evaluation of Possibilities and Limitations in the Context of Authoritarian Japan

Khaldoun Samman –– Toward a Non-Essentialist Pedagogy of “Islam”

Kelli Joseph –– Marx, Arendt and Habermas on Common Interests and Public Action: Reflections on the Modern Indian State

Leor Alcalay –– A Synergistic Curriculum for the Distressed: Mediating the Accommodation of Diverse Students into Academia

Rajini Srikanth –– Commentary: Pedagogy and Praxis in the International Sphere

Emily Margulies –– The Sociology of Why I Smoke: Theoretical Reflections on a Deadly Habit

Haley Salinas –– A Sociological Analysis of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Herland and With Her in Ourland

Milton Butts, Jr. –– Oliver C. Cox on Caste, Class and Race: Theoretical and Policy Implications for a Color Blind Society

Glenn Jacobs –– Charles Cooley: Traveler in the Inner and Social Worlds

Mohammad Tamdgidi –– Freire Meets Gurdjieff and Rumi: Toward the Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Oppressive Selves

Jorge Capetillo-Ponce –– The Poet and the Educator: Notes for a Comparative Study on the Early Works of Octavio Paz and Paulo Freire

Emmett Schaefer –– Commentary: Transformation of the Self: Pedagogies from the Margin

Shkeya Brittle, David St.Clair, Jessica Santiccioli, Richard Batakis, Paul Kane, Karla Rainford, Efrain Toledano — Selected Student Feedbacks on Freire


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