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"I" in the World-System
Stories from an Odd Sociology Class

Selected Student Writings:
Soc 280Z-Sociology of Knowledge: Mysticism, Science, and Utopia,
Binghamton University, Spring 1997

Edited by Mohammad H. Tamdgidi

This "Class-Book" was a student/instructor self-publishing experiment in a course offered at Binghamton University (SUNY) taught by Mohammad H. Tamdgidi in Spring 1997 when he was a graduate student enrolled in BU's doctoral program in Sociology. The course was freshly designed and titled, "Soc 280Z: Sociology of Knowledge: Mysticism, Science, and Utopia." The class-book was designed and printed in less than two weeks by the instructor in order to make it available to students as soon a possible after the class. The "fake" publisher name proposed by a contributing student author (Ingrid Heller) and adopted by the contributors was the "Crumbling Façades Press." The class-book experiment was one that eventually inspired and contributed to the launching of Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge (ISSN: 1540-5699, 2002-). It was dedicated to the living memory of the late Professor Terence K. Hopkins (d. 1997), the founding Director of the Graduate Studies program of the Department of Sociology at SUNY-Binghamton. Contributors to the volume include: Shannon Martin, Ian Hinonangan, Nicholas Jezarian, Jeff Alexander: Tears of a Clown, Meghan Murphy, Heather Mealey, Daniel B. Kaplan, Ingrid Heller, Martin Magnusson, Arturo Pacheco, Keira Kaercher, and Mohammad H. Tamdgidi.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-888024-70-8 eBook PDF
ISBN-10: 1-888024-27-5 paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-888024-27-2 paperback
ISSN: 1540-5699
Number of Pages: 344
Publisher: Okcir Press ([1997] 2005 pb) (2012 eb)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 5.5x8.5 inches



Mohammad H. Tamdgidi:
Introduction: The revolutionary “class” 3

1. Shannon Martin
The Wind Beneath My Wings 19

2. Ian Hinonangan
Wholeness: Views From A Sexually Abused Child 42

3. Nicholas Jezarian:
Ruminations Past Lying: A CriticalDialogue with G. I. Gurdjieff 66

4. Jeff Alexander: Tears of a Clown 89

5. Meghan Murphy: Decisions 103

6. Heather Mealey: A Glimpse into My Future 120

7. Daniel B. Kaplan: Am I Working Hard or Hardly Working? 148

8. Ingrid Heller: Self, World, and Motivation: An Exploration 176

9. Martin Magnusson: The (Incomplete) Information Age 200

10. Arturo Pacheco: Faith, Relationships, and Death: A Search for
Significance and a Meaning Beyond Sadness

11.Keira Kaercher: In Search of My Own Utopia 273

Mohammad H. Tamdgidi:
Conclusion: Ideology & Utopia in Mannheim:
Towards the Sociology of Self- Knowledge