Immanuel WallersteinintroduCtionOn August 15, 1996, on the occasion of the retirement of Terence K.Hopkins, his former students at Binghamton and Columbia conducteda day-long colloquium in his honor. The Colloquium was organizedby Rȩat Kasaba, William G. Martin, and Beverly Silver. They gaveit the title, “Mentoring, Methods, and Movements,” because theybelieved these were the three interconnected themes that summedup Hopkins’s commitments, achievements, and legacy. As befit aceremony in honor of Terence Hopkins, it was an occasion of vigorousintellectual debate, much love, and considerable festivity. TerenceHopkins died unexpectedly and prematurely on January 3, 1997.This collection of slightly revised essays are offered to the readersbecause the authors feel very strongly that the messages he conveyedabout mentoring, methods, and movements are crucial for theadvancement of world social science. They were conveyed by TerenceHopkins in a very special way which only those who worked with himcan know, but the messages are clear nonetheless and are very practicalfor those who wish to participate in the enlarged vision Hopkins hadof the possibilities of social science.