ContentsImmanuel Wallerstein ixIntroductioni. graduate eduCation: the forMation of sCholarsWalter L. Goldfrank 31. Deja Voodoo All Over Again: Rereading the ClassicsWilliam G. Martin 92. Opening Graduate Education: Expanding the Hopkins ParadigmRavi Arvind Palat 273. Terence Hopkins and the Decolonization of World-Historical StudiesImmanuel Wallerstein 354. Pedagogy and Scholarshipii. Methods of World-historiCal soCial sCienCeRè§at Kasaba 435. Studying Empires, States, and Peoples: Polanyi, Hopkins, and OthersRichard E. Lee 516. Thinking the Past/Making the Future: Methods and Purpose inWorld-Historical Social SciencePhilip McMichael 577. The Global Wage Relations as an Instituted Market